Contribute towards DA court action to compel government to release a detailed COVID-19 vaccine plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

While over 130 million people, and counting worldwide have been vaccinated against COVID-19, the South African government has still not even put a clear, workable plan on the table. South Africans deserve to know when and how the COVID-19 vaccine will be rolled out. As a last resort, the DA is approaching the courts for relief, but we need your support to fund this court action.

On 18 January, the DA served President Ramaphosa with a legal notice giving him seven days to disclose the full details of South Africa’s vaccine plan, but the President failed to meet the deadline.

The DA is therefore approaching the courts to compel him to disclose all details pertaining to the national government’s vaccine rollout strategy, including the dates and the minutes of meetings with suppliers.

This court action is crucial.

The government has a constitutional duty to be transparent and ensure everyone’s right to access vaccines. South Africa can afford it if its priorities are in order, and the private sector is more than willing to offer more support if given the chance.

Please make a donation towards funding this crucial court action.