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Donate to the DA to rescue KZN

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Frequently Asked Questions

Attention residents of KwaZulu Natal: a donation to the DA can secure the future of your province.

This election is going to come down to one of two options, a DA centred government, or a disastrous ANC/EFF coalition of corruption.

KZN will not survive five more years of corrupt ANC rule, considering what we have already endured. The case to support the DA has never been more urgent, and more tangible than it is right now.

Donate to the DA so we can rescue KZN from collapse.

A stable coalition government centred around the DA will provide the province with 5 years of economic growth, political stability and improved service delivery. 

A donation to the DA is a commitment to yourself, your family and loved ones, and your business interests that you believe there is HOPE, and that KZN can once again be a province to be proud of, and one that holds potential and prosperity for all.

We cannot hand a corrupt government ‘Doomsday Coalition’ of ANC/EFF this kind of unchecked power in 2024. 

Please donate and support the DA’s mission to rescue KwaZulu Natal, and South Africa.