Help fund court action against ANC cadre deployment corruption

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This court action seeks to undo and correct what is the single most damaging ANC crime against the people of South Africa.

Never before has one party taken the internal policy of another party to court but, in this case, we are doing so because the ANC policy of cadre deployment corruption has made its way from the corridors of ANC headquarters into government itself.

Cadre deployment corruption is the ANC’s policy of parachuting devoted ANC friends into jobs in the public service – be it as a municipal official or as a high-ranking Eskom employee – with a very comfortable salary.

These “cadres” are chosen by a cadre deployment committee at ANC headquarters. They are not the best qualified, they did not come through interviews best, nor are they the best fit for these roles, but because they are devoted to the ANC, they get the job and can then do ANC work on the side.

Please consider helping us fund crucial court action to stop this.

We must stop the ANC from implementing their policy of cadre deployment corruption in government and entrenching a failed state, by having it declared unconstitutional and illegal.

Only by replacing cadre deployment with professional, merit-based appointments will we be able to replace South Africa’s failing, politically captured state institutions with capable, independent, professional institutions able to deliver quality services to all. It is a war well worth fighting and one we must win.

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